Secrets of FICO High Achievers

More than 50 million people have the bragging rights of being FICO “High Achiever” (a FICO Score of 785 and above) which can save them thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a loan. A recent myFICO study reveals that these “High Achievers” exhibit strikingly similar credit habits.



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  1. Low utilization is the key with CCs. Below 10% and scores will continue to grow!


  1. [...] Know your limits. Specifically, your credit limits, and don’t max out your cards, especially on multiple accounts. Carrying a high balance can significantly lower your FICO Score, and the more you charge, the harder you’ll get hit by interest fees if you don’t pay them off in full. Generally speaking, aim to utilize less than 25% of your available revolving credit. This will reflect positively on the portions of your FICO Score that account for revolving credit usage.  The lower your revolving credit utilization, the better: myFICO High Achievers use an average of only 7% of their available revolving credit, which earns them some of the highest credit scores in the nation. Learn the secrets of myFICO High Achievers. [...]

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