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5 Ways to Start Getting Out of Debt

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents shares five ways to start tackling your debt now:



  1. Liked the 5 “whys.”

  2. Stay focus and get out of debt, George was so…. funny just love this video 5 ways to get out of debt. And I am taking the steps to get out, one step at a time, have applied for Credit Cards, but will use for emergencies.

  3. If only the United States Government could apply these 5 ways to get out of debt. But it seems debt strategy is only the responsibility of the citizenry.

  4. Hmm… never asked myself why? GOOD QUESTION. As I keep answering my question… I sort of see what my next steps should be…. budget, savings, etc.

    Thanks. Good Video.

  5. Thanks Jeff!
    Excellent video, excellent message.

  6. Thanks Jeff very inspirational.

  7. Thanks, I am working on it right now with making principal payments when I have extra money

  8. Professor Tripp says:

    Exceptional video. I have written a book on the subject “Debt Free and Set for Life” and still struggle everyday to avoid the temptation.

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