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8 Tips for Summer Time Savings

8 tips for summerSchool is out, the temperatures are rising, and you just want to save some money away.  Well now is the best time to do it. We’re halfway done with the year, so you have plenty of time to save for the holidays, pay off some cards, and unless you like to splurge on fireworks, there aren’t any major spending events until the school year starts. You have a few months but you don’t have to open a lemonade stand to make additional cash this summer. Instead, take these steps to save your hard-earned dollars:


  1. Turn off the AC! Now we’re not saying you have to turn your home into a hot box, but when you aren’t there, no reason to run up your electric bill. Last person to leave for work in the morning should set the AC to the upper 70s – like 79. And after a rain or when the temperature drops at night, turn up the air conditioner, crack open the windows, turn on some fans and get nature’s cross breeze to cool the house for you.
  2. AC on, Doors Closed! You might think this is common sense, but it is a simple step that is easy to overlook. If you have the air conditioner running in the low-mid 70s, you don’t want it working to cool off the backyard, garage, or neighbors. Make sure everyone in the house knows that when the AC is on, the doors and windows stay closed. And be watchful if you have dogs – they like to come in and out, but that also means your money does too.
  3. Chill with a new filter! It is important to replace your air conditioner filter every three months. This small step can lead to big savings during the hottest months.
  4. Grab those clothespins! While it might seem antiquated in this technological time, drying your clothes outside on a warm summer day can save a lot on your electric bill. Just check the weather beforehand because you don’t want to naturally wash them again.
  5. Turn up the heat outside! Nothing brings friends and family together like a barbecue – burgers, dogs, ribs, steaks, corn, asparagus, potatoes – you name it, you can grill it. But grilling outside keeps the heat outside, and a $25 jug of propane or a bag of charcoal is more affordable than constantly having the oven fighting with the AC.
  6. Speaking of grilling up food, look for great deals, especially before the holidays. Check out BOGOs (Buy One, Get One free), grill specials (some grocery stores will sell off bulk fresh-made sausages for $1; deals on vegetables), and of course bulk savings.
  7. Going on a trip? Check out deal websites, apps, and visitor information centers to get great pricing on hotels, meals, and attractions. While driving across the country, I saved 50% on one of my hotel stays in a 4 star hotel and casino using the free app.
  8. Looking at a new car? Summer is one of the better times to get a current year or pre-owned model as dealerships try to unload inventory and make space for the new models. Of course, you should check out your credit score to know if you can qualify for that loan and terms you are likely to receive.

These are just some basic steps to take to save money this summer, but there are countless other ways. Do you have your own Summer Saving Secrets? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out the supermoon on Sunday, 6/23!


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  1. Patricia K Correia says:

    !. I live in Texas with 100 + days and 80 + nights most the time. We are elderly with 2 young grandchildren living with us. Both age categories that doctors say need to keep cool in summer heat. Nobody leaves in the morning and it doesn’t rain that often.
    2. I do keep doors and windows closed with a/c running.
    3. Don’t have a replaceable filter but I clean ours regulary.
    4. Don’t have anyone to put up a clotheline. I like line-dried clothes.
    5. Don’t use the oven in summer in daytime. Over night only if it’s necessary. Do very little cooking until late night. Mostly salads and cold cuts, anything that won’t heat the house during the hot part of the day.
    7. Always check ahead before traveling. I have ued but since you have to know where and when you are going to stay and pay in advance for your room, usually non-refundable, it’s not good for a cross-country sight-seeing trip. And I don’t stay in 4 star hotels as a rule.
    8. Shopped for a car last summer under that theory in late August. Found that 2012 were more expensive than the 2013 just coming out. Found out the dealers/salespersons would give me no deals or incentives on either year model. But they pushed me to buy before the end of August. It does no good to check your credit score, there are too many score models floating around from the various bureaus and you don’t know which one your loan officer is going to accept, which is usually the lowest. That’s what I’ve found in my cae.

    • Michael Cohen says:

      Hey Patricia,

      Thanks for your continuous responses to the blog posts. I really appreciate your feedback.
      And especially thanks for applying these tips to your own life.
      I actually just drove cross-country to take over as the myFICO Content/Blog Manager. I did pre-plan what cities I was going to be stopping in, so the app really helped.
      And trust me, I don’t usually stay in 4 star hotels, but there was that crazy special for the Argosy, and I’m really glad I stayed there. Excellent service, beautiful & large room, expensive-but worth it buffet.

      As it is officially summer, keep cool and I hope no heat waves come your way.

      • Patrica k Correia says:

        Thanks for actually reading what I say. I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately with people actually reading my words and responding accordingly. I’ve been receiving off-the-wall answers that have no apparent relationship to what I wrote. I enjoy reading the blogs but a lot of them don’t match what I have experianced, and I figure others may have had different experiences also. I’m very glad you do appreciate my feedback, I like giving my feedback on a variety of subjects.

  2. Awesome tips !

  3. As economic crises have increased widely, the need to save is desperately being felt. Michael, good tips you have made. I practically apply these strategies. The first thing I do while turning on the Ac is to close the door and windows. I never leave the AC turned on when I have to leave. The one thing I don’t’ follow is to dry cloths outsider without spinning it. I will try this one too.

    Samreen M

  4. Also live in Texas. 116 degree days are memorable. Microwave is a good friend. Haven’t used the stove all summer. Air out the house late at night and early in the morning when the temps are in the 70s and 80s. Even turning out lights can cut the heat – esp. as some kinds of bulbs generate substantial heat if left on for hours. Heat resistant film can line windows for a few cents and well worth it.

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