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blog-forum-generic-2Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to step back and take a break from the usual to visit the forums. Join in as members discuss everything from what the healthiest number of credit cards is for your FICO® Scores to whether bankruptcy is the right option for you. Check out our other blog posts too!


How do I pick myself up from out of the ashes?
Help! I’ve been aggressively paying off all of my debt this year but didn’t realize that all of these charge-offs (COs) will still stay on my report for 7 years. I feel like I paid all of that debt for no reason because my really low score isn’t budging. What can I do now?
What’s a healthy number of credit cards?
Like most of us, I’m trying to build a strong, positive credit history. I’m considering getting one more credit card but am wondering if there’s a “sweet spot” or an optimal number of cards to have. I don’t want too many but I’m also weary of too few, considering I want to raise my score as quickly as possible.
Is it a good idea to pay off my student loans early or on time?
I’m not so sure about my plan to repay my student loans anymore after reading online that paying back your loans early to avoid interest won’t really enhance your credit reports or FICO Scores. Since I’m able to, should I pay the loans off early or just let that money sit in the bank until it’s due?
Should I file for bankruptcy or enroll in a debt management program?
I thought that paying off all of my debts through a debt management program (DMP) would be the better option over filing for bankruptcy but now I’m not so sure. I’d like to understand how they both work. I feel like I might have chosen the wrong option. Can anyone with experience offer any insight?
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