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The Sea of Scores

blog-sea-of-scoresIn this technologically savvy era, when it comes to making an acquisition, you want to know your options. From major purchases like buying a home or a new car, to day to day events like trying a new restaurant or seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster – you want to get the best bang for your buck. You want to know what is out there and that requires research. Checking your credit score is no different.


Lately there has been a lot of discussion on where to get credit scores. Our own Vice President of Business Development weighed in on the discussion, answering the question: Which credit score is the right one?. His response was there are many options – free “FAKO” scores or the paid FICO® Scores from Ultimately his advice was to go with the one “based on the model that lenders actually use to make credit decisions.” That means your FICO® Score.


Now, different lendersmay look at different FICO® Scores. The score to determine your auto loan could be different than the one used for a business loan. As Anthony Sprauve mentions in Credit score you see might be irrelevant the FICO® Score from gives a good approximation to the FICO® Score your lender may be using.


Reviews from Consumers


Prior to making a purchase, I like to look at what consumers are saying about the product. Checking out the product’s forum or review site is always a great first step to see what the direct consumers feel about the product, especially minor details that might get overlooked on casual inspection. Also, for those that like to consult multiple sources, external review sites can likewise be helpful. But take every anonymous review with a grain of salt. If there is one thing we’ve all experienced when going over reviews is that even the slightest issue can cause the ultimate grievance for an individual. We’ve seen a consistently 5-star product get a one on the most insignificant factor. There’s even a YouTube Series making fun of these types of reviews.


So while you may want to ignore some of those anonymous reviews, you may want to give more credence to those from unrelated professionals who use the product. Recently the CEO of SubscriberWise came out in favor of the paid score from, responding as a consistent purchaser “more than 27 times”.


My feeling, as said by many others, is to do your research but the final decision is up to you. But always consider what will give you the most for your dollar, and you get what you pay for.


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