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Monthly myFICO Forums: Time to Chill Out Your Debt

blog-forum-generic-2Don’t let your debt overheat your summer. It’s time to cool off your spending and join in as forum members discuss everything from the best way to pay your credit card bills to dating someone who handles their finances irresponsibly. Don’t forget to take a look at our blog for even more insights!


How will paying off my credit cards affect my credit?
I was wondering how influential revolving debt is to your FICO Score. What happens when you pay all of your credit cards down to under 10% of your credit limits? Is it better to bring it down over a few months or as soon as possible? Does it even make a difference?
What’s the best way to pay my delinquent medical bills?
I just found out I have an account in collection on my credit report due to an unpaid medical bill. I am lost and have no idea what I should do about it. Is there a way for me to remove it from my report? Should I pay the amount I’m being told I owe or should I dispute it?
How does one tackle buying a home for the first time?
I realize I might not qualify for a home loan right now but I ‘d really like to find out what steps I can take so that I will be fully prepared to buy my first home when the time comes. What are the most important factors home loan lenders look at when determining your credit worthiness?
Should I continue dating someone with serious financial issues?
My boyfriend makes good money but has nothing to show for it. His wages are being garnished after having been sued and he still irresponsibly spends his money on the stupidest things. I find myself getting so irritated with him and I know he’s not likely to change but I really do love the guy. Can anyone relate?
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  1. Has anyone experience a slight reduction in your credit score because your mortgage lender sold your mortgage to another bank. My score changed 3 points down for that reason….this whole credit thing is insane!!!!

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