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Word on the Web: Week of 8-4

blog-word-on-the-webWe are officially in August, and while the heat is still around, the break is quickly coming to an end. Students are returning to school, driving schedules are changing, and financial concerns are filtering in. All across the web, bloggers are providing important information regarding these concerns. Here are a few we thought would be the most beneficial to our readers.


5 Steps to Choosing Your First Credit Card

Our friends at Dough Roller provide a helpful guide for those looking into their first credit card. You don’t have to be entering college or entering the workforce to find some great tips. Even if you own multiple cards, you might just learn something new.


Five Credit Tips

If that wasn’t informative enough, Marketplace Money enlightens us with five more credit and debt tips. One that stands out: just because you get points/rewards on your card doesn’t mean you have amass them.


Simple Ways We Ruin Our Credit without Knowing It

You chose your card, you know how to use it properly, but are you doing something that could be hurting your credit? Here are some additional suggestions you will want to consider, such as diversifying your credit portfolio to include more than just the revolving credit from your new card. Want to learn more? Check out this great infographic from


10 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Financing a Car

It’s August, which means dealerships are trying to get the 2013 cars off the lots to make space for the new models. Whether you are looking to pick up a new car for yourself, or letting your child start college with a new car, you may want to peak and duck these issues.


Don’t forget to read more great summer tips in our own blog and in the myFICO forums!


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