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blog-personal-finance-appsFor those of us with smart phones, we may joke “There’s an app for that!” On my phone I have social apps (Facebook, Vine), sports apps (ESPN ScoreCenter, two fantasy football apps), entertainment apps (RadioLab, Spotify, Planets), and even more related to my interests and needs. The realm of personal finance has not been excluded from this list as well – nestled between social and travel apps is my folder for personal finance apps, and I wanted to discuss with you some of the apps out there you may want to consider.



This was honestly the first app recommended to me (by my friend who is a CPA). This award-winning app “allows you to track, budget and manage your money all in one place.” You do not need to have an account with the website prior to use, but you can create an account with the app. Popular amongst critics and consumers, this app allows a lot of flexibility and provides a lot of information on your personal finance habits, spending, and more. Though some people do find it worrisome that you need to provide a lot of personal information (including bank accounts), the app is considered very secure.



Another award-winning app, this app focuses on charges made to your credit habits, and helps you understand your spending practices. Considered easy to use and may allow you to better understand your purchases. And it supports a number of top credit companies.


myFICO App

Yes, we just released our app for the Apple iOS! Uploaded this month, this official app allows you access to your FICO® Score and credit report. It also provides tracking, financial goal targeting, and notifications. But you do need a myFICO account to utilize the app properly. As we have just launched this app, we are working on updates, so if you have any recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you feel.


Also, if there are other personal finance apps you feel should be reviewed, please let us know. The more information we can provide our customers, the better informed they can be.


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  1. What’s the expected release date for Android?

    • Michael Cohen says:

      Great question. We are still updating the iOS app, but we have seen requests for an Android app. I am sending this to my development team and will get back to you once I have information.

  2. Just wondering, will FICO track the information people put into the app? Such as their savings goals? Will it sell that information? Will is use that information when developing the person’s FICO score?

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