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Community Call-Up: 10/29/13

blog-community-call-upWhile blogs are an important source of information (if I may say so on my blog), another great resource for news, content, or advice is from people just like you. Here are some helpful conversations from people talking about credit.




A basic guide to credit and credit reports [US]

Reddit is one of the best forms of social news and entertainment. Outside of pictures of cute animals and interviews with anyone, almost every interest has its own subreddit full of information. In the personalfinance subreddit, one user provided this basic guide to credit and credit reports with a lot of detailed information.


RENTING: What report would a landlord pull?

An ongoing thread since March, find out what other renters have experienced when they enter the rental process.


The Master 100 Open Membership Credit Unions Thread

Credit unions are quickly becoming a popular alternative to big banks. Started in 2011, this thread is active today compiling a list of credit unions from across the country.


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  1. Great to see credit unions getting a look in. That creditboards thread is absolutely amazing.

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