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Word on the Web: Week of 10-27

blog-word-on-the-webHappy Halloween and November 1st! Costumes, candy, facial hair, and writing are the big topics being discussed. Did anyone see any fun FICO® Score related costumes this year? Around the office, the myFICO team had a great collection of unique costumes – mostly homemade!  Anyways, this week we’ll highlight some credit “tricks” and “treats” from around the web:

Halloween Fright: Most Consumers Don’t Know Their Credit Score
As we move into the holiday season, knowing your credit score is more important than ever. But don’t be frightened – this article highlights some important data from the new American Bankers Association (ABA) survey, and some credit do’s and don’ts from the ABA.

10 Things Consumers Don’t Understand About Credit Scores
It would seem some consumers not only don’t know their credit score, but don’t understand it either. Fortunately, we know you aren’t like most consumers. But if you want to understand something new, you might want to check out this article.

6 big scores for savers
We all want to save money, especially with the looming spending on the horizon. Here are some tips to consider to help you save before you spend.

This Tip Could Save You $50,000 on Your Next Mortgage
MoneyTalksNews scares up mortgage data straight from myFICO’s Loan Savings Calculator to give you some potential mortgage interest estimates. While they may not have the best opinion on where to get your scores, the other information is solid.


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  1. Frank Delgado says:

    You people have some nerve charging for people to see their own credit score. First, they have proven to be of NO predictive value whatsoever, and the extended use of them for anything BUT a credit history is oppressive and tyrannical. FICO is a joke, as the financial crisis proved.

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