Announcing myFICO Feature Enhancements!

BLOG - Announcing myFICO Feature Enhancements


Great News! Enhanced FICO® Score Explanation Report (based on Experian credit report) now available.






Starting yesterday afternoon, all myFICO solutions based on Experian credit report data  (FICO StandardFICO Score 3-Report View) will now include a newly designed FICO Score explanation report design to help you better understand and manage your FICO Score.





New explanation features include:


  • Incorporation of positive factors impacting your FICO® Score. Positive factors reinforce the good credit behaviors of high achievers, and encourage those people who may be working to manage their credit or improve their financial health.
  • Personalized credit analysis and comparisons to FICO® Score High Achievers. Beyond general credit information, this analysis provides a wealth of personalized feedback based on your credit report information for people trying to make sense of their credit reports and scores.
  • Access to an enhanced FICO® Score simulator.  This easy-to-use tool allows you to simulate “what if” credit behaviors or actions on your credit profile and find out potential impact on your FICO score.  For example:
    •  What happens to my FICO Score if I pay down $XXX of credit card balance?
    •  What happens to my score if I get a new auto loan for $XX,XXX?
    •  What happens if I miss a payment this month?


There are up to 18 simulations available that you can “play with” as you evaluate options to better manage your score.





Visit myFICO today to get access to this new feature and other credit empowerment tools and services, and tell us what you think!



Tom Quinn is the Vice President of Business Development for myFICO® , and has over 20 years of experience working with consumers, regulators and lenders and regarding credit related questions and initiatives.




  1. Awesome upgrade, any chance of this happening for Equifax & TransUnion data?

  2. CrazyCredit says:

    not good! The EQF scorewatch is no longer the same that mortgage lenders use. I call customer service and they said the EQF score is not EQF Facta Beacon 8. Why? They said that is the model 90% of lenders are using. Really? All the ones I have talked to are using Facta Beacon 5.0 for EQF. This is not good. Please change it back to 5.0!

  3. CrazyCredit says:

    should have said, “… they said the EQF score is “now” EQF Facta Beacon 8.”

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