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Review: Why “My Job Chart” is perfect for your child

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My Job Chart, a free online website, was created by a father of six with the goal of teaching his children about money management and the meaning of good work ethic. It’s designed to build organizational and computer skills, and teach responsibility and work ethic.


My Job Chart is a great program to help parents manage household chores and reward their kids for completing them. The program is essentially a free online chore chart and reward system that ties into a built-in rewards store. This program can be accessed online or via your Android or iPhone app. Parents can stick to the old paper and pen chore chart by printing out chores, or they can let their children log in to manage progress.


How Does it Work for the Parent?


Using technology instead of pen and paper makes everyday chores a little more fun because your child will love logging in to see his or her progress. Just like how schools have moved to a more tech savvy environment, this will make your household a little more tech savvy, too.


Parents are able to customize almost every aspect of My Job Chart, including:

  • Upload photos of their children
  • Assign separate log-ins and passwords
  • Upload chore photos or icons
  • Assign chores by time of day, day of the week, and by each child
  • Determine the point value of each chore (1 point = 1 cent)
  • Determine which rewards can be redeemed by each individual child. It can be an experience, such as a trip to the water park, or an item that you approve through
  • Select charities for their children to donate to
  • Tie in a savings account when your child opts to save their rewards.


Parents are able to assign chores to each individual child no matter what their age is. If your child is too young to read, you have the option to upload custom icons so your youngest child understands what’s expected of them. Chores can be divided by am and pm activities, and you can assign a point value to each completed chore. Parents have the option to set up an alert by text or email once a chore has been completed.


There is a rewards store built into My Job Chart’s interface, using, which is great for a few reasons. First, it’s a good motivator for your child. Second, it helps children understand and appreciate the value of a dollar. But don’t worry, your child can’t make unauthorized purchases.  When your child chooses a reward, you will be notified and required to authorize the purchase.


For chores that need to be done at a certain time, such as taking medications or brushing teeth, you can set up reminders within My Job Chart so your children never forget again. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to set up My Job Chart or watch one of their many tutorials on


How Does it Work for the Child?

Parents and children have different dashboards so you won’t have to worry about your child adjusting anything within the family account. Your children will be able to log in anytime they want to update the status of their progress. Once they complete a chore, they simply check the box next to the chore and an alert is sent to the parent. At the end of the morning and evening, kids are automatically encouraged by the sound of cheering once they select that their chores are done.


Earned rewards are located in each individual child’s “store,” where the total amount saved and shared is displayed. This is a great motivator for children trying to save up for something because it tells them how many rewards are required in order to receive a specific item. Parents are able to set a predetermined amount that’s saved, shared or spent. Children have the option to use their rewards in three different ways:

  • Spend –They can put their rewards towards a prize within their store’s dashboard.
  • Save –If a child chooses to save the monetary value of their rewards, the parent then puts that amount into a designated savings account they already have.
  • Give –Your child may decide to give their earned reward amount to a charity of their choice.


One thing that I find rather unique is the option for children to add additional chores by themselves. This is great reinforcement. If they complete what is required of them but would like to strive to earn more, they can.


Why You Should Give My Job Chart a Try

My Job Chart has multiple endorsements from professionals in the finance and education industry and has received numerous recognitions and awards.


Most recently, My Job Chart received the National Parenting Center’s 24th Annual Spring Seal of Approval. The website went through 10 weeks of consumer testing by parents and children at the National Parenting Center’s test centers and was evaluated on design, simulation, desirability, and more. But don’t let their rewards and recognitions speak for themselves:

  • There are currently more than 651,000 members
  • A new member is added every 90 seconds
  • More than 22 million jobs have been completed
  • More than $3 million has been earned or donated


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