Cutting Workplace Costs

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We work hard for our money – but how much does your work itself cost you? Expenses like work attire, eating out, transportation, and morning coffee can eat away at that hard-earned paycheck. Make sure you’re not sabotaging your paycheck, and check out these tips to decrease your work expenses and increase savings for your personal life:   Affordable Work Attire   If you’re fresh out of college, or transitioning from a casual work environment to a more professional one, building the necessary work wardrobe can cost quite a hefty sum. To cut back on costs, invest in a few staple pieces, like suits and shoes. Although they can be expensive, high-quality garments that you will wear everyday are good investments. A pair of $100 shoes that will look nice for a few years are … [Read more...]

Personal Finance for Artists

Personal Finance for Artists

When I was in high school, I dreamed of a career on the stage. I threw myself into intensive dance and singing lessons every night after school, and spent hours in studios rehearsing musicals. I envisioned myself on a Broadway stage, rehearsed my Tony acceptance speech in the mirror, and practiced my signature for the day fans would ask for my autograph.   Senior year, college decisions forced me to think about the logistics of my future, and suddenly my idealized vision of starring on Broadway clashed with real, pressing decisions about money, college, and my career. Understanding the harsh reality of “making it” as an actor, while also feeling the immense weight of a lifelong dream on my shoulders, I was torn. I began considering other possible careers and grappled with the … [Read more...]

The Hidden Costs of College


With all the recent buzz about student loans, the skyrocketing price of higher education is a hot topic – but the financial impact of college goes far beyond just tuition. Plenty of secondary expenses aren’t factored into college "sticker prices," and many of them don’t become apparent until after students get to campus. From parking to Greek life, students should take note of these expenses when figuring out a sustainable budget for the school year:   Dorm Room: Most college dorm rooms come with a bed, a desk, and a few drawers. Students are responsible for providing everything else: lamps, rugs, pillows, bedding, hangers, etc. Take advantage of back-to-school sales and reach out to your roommate/s to split the cost of shared items. Go to your school’s Facebook page and see if … [Read more...]

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