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Moving and money: One year later

  When I first started at myFICO over a year ago, it required the largest change in my life— moving 3000 miles by myself to a state where I didn’t know anyone. I had to figure out how to get my first apartment by myself, change banks and a lot of other new financial issues. I recorded most of these in the first part of the series, Moving and Money – Getting Cash, and I hope some of you learned from my trials and were prepared for your own experiences.     Well here I am a year later. I am still in the same apartment, but I’m officially considering moving again. I have a fully furnished apartment, so I would definitely need to sell/donate a lot of items and compare mover expenses. I have a lot to consider, but now I know a bit more. For those of you like me, … [Read more...]

Moving and Money – Getting Cash

This is the first part in a series involving the financial impacts of moving across the country from a first hand experience.   I recently moved across the country. All 3,000 miles by car. That’s right – I drove from Tampa Bay to San Francisco Bay. By myself. I could give you the details of the drive, like why you should at least once take a trip down I-70 through Colorado, but the lesson I really want to share is what happens when you get to your new city and financial issues arise.   Know Before You Go   One of the most important things to know before you move across the country is what kind of banking service you will have. If you have a regional bank or credit union (like Suntrust in the south east, First Niagara Bank in the north east, and Bank of the West … [Read more...]

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