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Take the stress out of auto loans by doing your research & making a plan

Buying a new car can be a stressful endeavor. There are a lot of options to consider and expenses to weigh. You might be wondering

  • New or used?
  • Economy or luxury?
  • Electric, hybrid or gas guzzler?
  • Model, color, moon roof … and dozens of other features you have to think through

But you have done your research, persevered and have narrowed down your preferred option. The work is done and you have visions of driving off the car lot. Not so fast.

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FICO Scores & Credit Reports, Financing & Loans

The Scores That Matter in Auto Lending

Thinking about getting a new car? Based on all the car company advertising, it would appear it’s a great time to be in the market to buy a new vehicle. All of the big car companies have promotions for auto lending such as cash back incentives, 0% financing and other incentives to move the 2015 inventory off the lot.

However, have you also noticed the fine print in the advertisements? It often points out that these more favorable financing terms are only available to qualified applicants. And, having a higher FICO® Score is often quoted as one of the key requirements.

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