Black Friday shopping the smart way


Another Black Friday is upon us. This year some retailers are electing to open their doors to the inaugural waves of holiday season shoppers as early as 6:00 am Thanksgiving morning. Don’t be surprised if in the near future the sheer gravitational force of Black Friday pulls the entire Gregorian calendar a full day ahead.   While every year the holiday shopping season seems to be getting an incremental head start on the holiday season itself, one thing always remains the same: if you want to make it to the new year with your financial health (and sanity) intact, you’ll have to be smart about how you shop.   Here’s your guide to smartly and safely navigating this year’s Black Friday landscape.   Shopping online? Shop safe. Good news! Getting the best … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Black Friday Darken Your FICO Score


Rev up your wallet! The holiday shopping season kicks off this Friday after Thanksgiving, and retailers hope to attract us with big sales events and special operating hours so we’ll buy, buy, buy.   In addition, many retailers will work hard to persuade you to open new credit card accounts. They may offer sweet enticements such as an extra 10% discount on all purchases you make that day - or they might give you a special gift just for applying.   It's easy to get caught up, as retailers make applying for store credit so convenient and easy.  Just give the sales clerk your name and address, and within seconds you’ll know if you've been approved for instant credit at your fingertips.   Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand that applying for credit can … [Read more...]

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