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2017 New Year’s Resolutions That Could Help Your Credit

New Years is the perfect time to start fresh – change those bad habits into good ones and make this year the best one yet. From healthier eating and more exercising to less spending and wiser budgeting, we’ve all made resolutions that we were determined to keep. Unfortunately, many times our determination runs astray and it’s only a few weeks before we end up right back where we started.

One of the main reasons this happens is the “all or nothing” thinking behind our resolutions. We want to lose weight, so we cut out every single tempting food item only to yearn for it even more than we did before. Our body needs more exercise, so we overdo it to such a degree that the muscle pain makes us dread going to the gym. We decide to stop spending our money frivolously, so we don’t make any enjoyable purchases and quickly become resentful.

It’s knowing where to draw the line and how to make resolutions specific enough to provide direction, but also lenient enough to allow us to still enjoy life.

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Does your credit impact your health?

You probably already knew this intuitively (for example, you might have read that paragraph above and said, “of course they’re connected, Jeanne!”). In spite of this, people are frequently surprised when I suggest that our health and our credit are closely connected. Health and credit are two things we don’t always see as linked… but they are. Your health can impact your credit. Your credit can impact your health.

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