FICO Scores & Credit Reports

Your debt payoff plan & how it could impact your FICO Scores

There’s an endless supply of theories on how to manage your debt in a healthy, responsible way. Some people do not to get into debt at all while others rack up credit card debt after credit card debt with little consideration. Neither extreme will likely have a positive impact on your FICO® Scores, but luckily most people fall somewhere in the middle. So how do you start paying off debt?

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Personal Finance

10 things your debt collector doesn’t want you to know

Nobody likes to face a debt collector. A call from a debt collector could be a symptom of financial hardship, or it could simply be an irritating reminder that you forgot to pay your doctor bill. Either way, you’re not happy.


Even so, you should definitely pick up the phone.  A bill going to collections can have a substantial impact on your FICO® Scores. It’s possible for a debt collector to start calling you before the collections has hit your credit report. So if you pick up the phone and pay off the debt immediately, you may be able to avoid an impact on your FICO Scores.

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