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How difficult is it to improve your credit score? It might be easier than you think.

Yes, it’s true – improving your FICO Score might be easier than you think.

That’s not saying it will be faster, just easier, based on specific actions you can take over time. If your FICO® Score is lower than you’d like, you’re most likely aware that it took time to get it down to that number. Maybe you maxed out some credit cards… missed a few payments on a mortgage or auto loan… applied for too much credit in a very short timeframe. Whatever circumstances occurred to lower your FICO Score happened over a period of time and the same holds true when taking steps to improve your credit score. It will take awhile to get your FICO Score to where you want it to be, but the actions required to get it there are reasonably simple.

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FICO Scores & Credit Reports

Here’s The Surprising Reason You Should Work On Your Credit

I write a lot about credit. I’ve built my entire career around it, and I’m passionate about helping people create healthy credit.

Is it because I love great credit scores and low credit card balances? Not really. Those are important to have and they’re the ideal goal when working on your credit, but they’re not the REAL reason I do this.

Instead, I’m so focused on credit for one surprising reason…

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FICO Scores & Credit Reports

Your debt payoff plan & how it could impact your FICO Scores

There’s an endless supply of theories on how to manage your debt in a healthy, responsible way. Some people do not to get into debt at all while others rack up credit card debt after credit card debt with little consideration. Neither extreme will likely have a positive impact on your FICO® Scores, but luckily most people fall somewhere in the middle. So how do you start paying off debt?

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