Could stiffing “Uncle Sam” impact your FICO Score?

April 15 calendar

If you expect to get a tax refund this year chances are you have already filed your 2012 taxes. But what if you owe money to Uncle Sam? You likely have procrastinated and will be scrambling to meet the April 15th deadline.   Most people know that missing a mortgage or car payment can definitely lower their FICO Score. But what if you don't pay your taxes?   Not paying your taxes can result in a tax lien which becomes a matter of public record. The FICO Score takes into account any derogatory public records listed on your credit bureau report. One or more tax liens on your credit report can have a significant negative impact to your score.   The exact impact depends on what other information is on your credit report and on the details of the tax lien(s). For … [Read more...]

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