Different Credit Profiles

The way you manage your finances and use credit (both positively and negatively) can impact your FICO® Scores. But how your FICO Scores change can vary widely depending on your credit profile and how you have used and managed your credit previously.

Review these five profiles of Rachel, Sophia, Mike, David and Maria and see how the credit actions that they take can affect their FICO® Score.

5 Credit profiles
The Five Different Credit Profiles

Here is a sneak preview on the three things you should know about FICO® Scores:

  1. Your payment history has the biggest impact on your score.
  2. Your amount of debt matters too.
  3. Securing new credit can lower your score in the short term.

To read the full report and to review how to keep your FICO Scores healthy, please download the Changing the Score Infographic.

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Cindy Ta

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